- SOUND FACTORY Curiosities -

Castelinho's major rarity Sound Factory LP cover. Castelinho was
a small label from Rio de Janeiro


Music Pop Festival "Genesis 1985"
Rio de Janeiro 1970, Sound Factory Contract. The Festival was never made.


Aditional photo from the session
  made for the cover of the LP.


Original Poster


Sound Factory live, facing his biggest audience.
3000 people at Teatro Cimento Armado,
Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, 17 August 1970


Trajano, At Parents Home.
Can be seen Sound Factory LP, Electric Dulcimer, drums. 1970


A very stoned Trajano
playing his Dulcimer, 1972


Electric Dulcimer
Bijou Guitar - 1968
Vox Model 249


The following memorabilia of Sound Factory
       is available for sale:
       1. German CD of original Sound Factory Album,best and most beautiful edition ever made.
       20 Euros plus mail coast
       2. CD "The Lost Tapes Of Kevin Brennan" Issued by Trajano original records made during 1975-1977  in New York City, by Kevin an his american band. 10 Euros plus mail cost. Released 2004
       3. Original contract between Castelinho and Sound Factory. Issued in 2 copies Castelinho's Copy missed. It is the only document in the world with the signatures of the four members of the band.
       4. Original Sound Factory copy of contract for       Sound Factory to play a festival during September 1970. Festival was canceled.
       5. Electric Dulcimer, Vox Bijou Guitar, Model Vox 249, used by Kevin to record restless time, in 1970.

       You may contact Trajano by E-MAIL

Also available Cassete Tapes with domestic       records of Sound Factory following tentatives -       Sound Factor and Sound Fact.
       No Kevin Brennan on these tapes.